About Us

This little slice of Scandinavia is one of the true gems of Kitsap County. Poulsbo’s delightful downtown pays tribute to its Norwegian founders, and is packed with charming boutiques, fine restaurants and spectacular vistas. Year-round events echo the community’s heritage, and draw visitors from around the state. The residential and rural areas that surround central Poulsbo are within easy access to town, and to the rest of the county’s many destinations.

Windermere’s Poulsbo office, conveniently located on Highway 305, is staffed by professionals who have chosen to call this part of Kitsap home. We appreciate what makes Poulsbo and its neighboring communities so special, and we are happy to share our enthusiasm for the region.

Feel free to take a stroll through the Windermere Poulsbo site, which connects us with all the resources of the greater Windermere Real Estate family. Then give one of us a call. We look forward to wishing you a warm “velkommen.”